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There are few things in life which say as much about a man or a woman than the clothes and accessories they choose to wear. Fashion is cyclical, but the timeless appeal of a Rolex watch transcends fashion fads which come and go as frequently as the seasons.

Here at our London store, we have a family love affair with Rolex watches for sale which stems back over 50 years. In that time, we’ve seen mop-top haircuts, miniskirts and loons, the fashion disaster which was the entire ‘70s and ‘80s; through all that time, Rolex watches have never once gone out of fashion and have remained the must-have accessory when all else has passed into history.

At a time when the pocket watch reigned supreme, a talented designer by the name of Hans Wilsdorf had a vision; at the time,even he was not aware of the impact it would have on timepieces in general. Since 1914, when one of his timepieces was awarded a Class A Precision certificate — previously only awarded to marine chronometers — Rolex timepieces have been the benchmark for reliability, style, and elegance. The rest is history. From that point onward, every one of the hundreds of thousands of Rolex watches for sale have been synonymous with accuracy, precision, and fine distinction.

We not only consider every single Rolex ever made as a wonderful example of the watchmaker’s art; here at Rankins, we consider every Rolex timepiece to be an exquisite work of art in its own right — and just as a work of art appreciates with age, so, too, does a Rolex.

New Rolex watches for sale vie with older designs, and the rarity of older pieces does frequently make them extremely collectable. Because of their rarity, some editions are much sought-after collectible icons of style and elegance, reminiscent of an era which has been lost to us all.

Most people have heard of the Rolex Oyster; however, the collection extends to the Submariner, the Yacht-Master II, and the Lady Date just,for which demand remains extremely high. New watches for 2012, including the Yacht Master and the Daytona, look set to become classics in the same mould as those early timepieces from Rolex,to which all other timepieces aspire.

Classic elegance, or a neat piece of ‘hip-hop bling,’ we shall endeavour to find the exact piece you desire; we may after all have the exact time piece you have been searching for.

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